Facilities & Themed Gardens

What kind of themed gardens are there?

There are 16 different themed gardens. For details, see [Tour Guide > Guide Map > Themed Garden Guide] on the desktop version of the website.

Is it possible to visit even if it rains?

Yes, it is possible. If needed, you may purchase raincoats or umbrellas at our convenience store. In case of heavy rain, we recommend viewing the Eco Center and enjoying a cup of tea at Hwadam Cafe while taking in the sight of rain falling on the nearby pond.


What are the operating hours?

Our operating hours vary depending on the season, so please check [Garden Guide > Tour Guide > Hours & Fees] for details.
* Operating hours are subject to change on a monthly basis, so please check the Announcements section before visiting.

How long does it take to tour the entire arboretum?

On foot, an adult will need about 2 hours to look around all themed gardens. For details, see [Tour Guide > Monorail] on the desktop version of the website.

On-Site Ticket Purchase

May I cancel a ticket or request a refund after it has been issued?

Cancellations and refunds are not possible after ticket issuance. In case of an emergency or unavoidable situation, please contact the ticket office.

If I am staying at Konjiam Resort, may I pay for a ticket with my room via deferred payment?

Konjiam Resort and Hwadam Botanic Garden are operated by different entities, so sales are operated independently. Guests staying at the resort may use the Hwadam Botanic Garden website to book admission tickets online.

Are there credit card discounts or Konjiam Resort guest discounts?

Credit card and Konjiam Resort guest discounts are not available. For details, see [Garden Guide > Tour Guide > Hours & Fees].

Online Booking

May I cancel after booking online?

You may cancel a booking before a ticket has been issued. If canceled on the day of visit, 30% of the payment amount will be charged as the cancellation fee.

May I enter by showing the online booking confirmation text message?

Yes, mobile tickets are sent via KakaoTalk or SMS text message to the mobile phone of the purchaser after the online booking is completed. With the mobile ticket, you may enter without having to issue a separate ticket on the day of your visit.


Are wheelchairs and strollers available for rent?

Wheelchairs and strollers are not available for rent. Please bring your own wheelchair or stroller.

I am visiting with a disabled person who needs a wheelchair. Is the entrance accessible by car?

Enter the main gate, turn on the emergency lights of your vehicle, and get off at the roundabout next to the ticket office. You may use the nearby disabled parking spaces. (* Be sure to prominently display your parking permit for the disabled.)

Tour Etiquette

May I bring a picnic blanket/mat or packed lunch?

Bringing in picnic blankets/mats and outside food is prohibited. You may store outside food in a storage locker or eat it at the designated dining area located on the left side of the ticket office plaza before entering.

What items are prohibited?

Alcoholic beverages, picnic blankets/mats, tents, sun shelters, cooking utensils, agricultural tools, tripods, balls, kick/electric scooters, drones, and other items that may cause inconvenience to other customers.

Does Hwadam Botanic Garden have a smoking area?

Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the entire Hwadam Botanic Garden.

Visitor Information

What are the visiting hours and closed days?

Visiting hours and closed days may change on a monthly basis, so be sure to check the announcements before visiting.

Is group booking available?

No group reservations are accepted. Tickets must be purchased individually up to the specified limit per person as described under [Hwadamsup website > Online Booking].

Is entry possible outside of the reserved time?

When booking online, please adhere strictly to the selected visit time.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes, you need to book in advance along with purchasing a ticket for entry.

Where can I make a reservation? May I purchase tickets on-site?

Tickets are available for purchase on the website at [Hwadamsup website > Online Booking]. Purchasing a Hwadamsup entrance ticket is mandatory, and visiting Hwadamchae independently, without a general admission ticket, is not allowed. Reservations for Hwadamchae can only be made online; on-site ticket issuance is not available.

Tour Guide

May I visit Hwadamchae only?

Visiting Hwadamchae independently, without a general admission ticket, is not allowed.

Is there an exhibition description for Hwadamchae?

By installing the Hwadamsup app, you can access descriptions and a guided audio tour of the main themed gardens and artworks in Hwadamchae. Please use personal earphones for the benefit of other visitors or handset mode if you do not have earphones.

Are there restrictions on what I may bring into the exhibition hall?

Bringing any food and beverages into the exhibition hall is strictly prohibited. This measure is in place because dropped food or drinks can lead to slipping accidents, damage artworks, or disrupt other visitors' experience in the exhibition space.


Recommended Routes

Is there a place where you can soak your feet or play in water?

Yes, there is a place where you can soak your feet within the arboretum grounds.

What can I expect to see at each themed garden?

- Azalea Road: Azalea, Korean azalea, Japanese azalea, peach blossom
- Plum Garden: Native plum tree, apricot tree, apple tree, pear tree
- White Birch Forest: Daffodils, birch trees
- Stone Garden: Daphne, meadowsweet, Weyrich's azalea, primrose
- Rose Garden: Rose, climbing rose, red multiflora rose
- Garden of Memories: Plum blossom, apricot blossom, quince   
- Hydrangea Garden: Mountain hydrangea, panicled hydrangea, mophead hydrangea, smooth hydrangea
- Water Lily Pond: Water lily, floating heart, yellow water lily, tropical water lily
- Firefly Habitat: Nighttime firefly viewing
- Stone Garden: False goat's beard, hosta longipes, rock pine   
- Moss Garden: Haircap moss, hoary fringe moss, cornelian cherry
- White Birch Forest: Big blue lilyturf, birch tree, silver grass
- Bonsai Garden: Quince, hornbeam, spreading yew, chrysanthemum bonsai
- Stone Garden: Chrysanthemum, starwort, Korean chrysanthemum   
- Pine Garden
- Lovebirds' Pond

Which areas of Hwadam Botanic Garden have lots of tree shade?

You can find shade from cherry trees and fir trees along the forest walking trails.

Hanui Lift

Where can I ride the lift?

The Hanui Lift, which leads to the Hwadam Botanic Garden ticket office, can be boarded from Konjiam Resort, but operations are subject to change depending on weather and on-site conditions.

Is the Hanui Lift one-way use only? How much does it cost?

For safety reasons, the lift operates only uphill and is free of charge. Customers with wheelchairs and strollers are requested to use the walkways.

Walking Trail

Is there any way to get up there on foot? How long does it take?

The walking trail is about 400-m long and takes 5 to 10 minutes. Customers with strollers and wheelchairs are requested to get off at the drop-off area next to the ticket office and turn around.


What are the procedures for visiting Hwadam Botanic Garden via a group tour bus?

Park the bus according to the parking attendant's guidance, and walk to the Hwadam Botanic Garden ticket office. * General group tour buses other than those for the disabled are not allowed to enter the ticket office plaza.

What’s the parking situation?

Please use the Konjiam Resort parking lot according to the parking guidance. You can walk to Hwadam Botanic Garden from the resort parking lot. If there are lots of people waiting to ride the free lift, we recommend using the walking trail (about 10 minutes on foot).

Experiences & Events

What types of events are you holding and where are they held?

There is a firefly event around June, and other events vary by month. For details, see [Garden Guide > Events].

Are there any other events or programs besides the firefly event?

For event details, see [Garden Guide > Events].

Firefly Event

When can I watch fireflies?

The firefly event is held around June.
* Subject to change depending on habitat/growing conditions and weather conditions.

Permanent Program

Where can I buy mandarin duck and carp feed?

There is a feed stand by the pond, but the supply is limited to prevent overfeeding.


How long is the monorail ride?

A full loop takes about 20 minutes, and the total travel distance is 1,213 m.

What are the times for the first and last monorail rides, and what is the time interval at which they run?

Service intervals vary by sector. Please check the timetable and remaining monorail rides on the main page.

Does the monorail operate when raining?

Yes, but the service may be suspended for safety reasons in the event of thunder or lightning.

How long does it take to go up to the observatory by monorail and then walk back down?

On foot, an adult will need about 1 hour. For details, see [Garden Guide > Monorail].

May I bring a baby stroller on the monorail?

Yes, but a fee equal to a child's fare will be charged if not folded up.

How much does a monorail ride cost?

The fee varies by sector. For details, see [Garden Guide > Monorail].

Do the monorail's cars have seats? How many passengers can a car carry?

There are seats for seniors and disabled, and up to 28 adults can board a car.

Do I need reservations for a monorail ride? Where do you embark?

Reservations are not available. Tickets for the monorail can be purchased on a first-come, first-served basis at either the ticket office or via automated ticket machines located at each boarding platform. Platform No. 1 is above the road on the left side of the Eco Center after entering.


Where are the restrooms located?

Restrooms are located next to the ticket office and next to the Eco Center. Within the arboretum grounds, restrooms can be found near the Plum Garden entrance, Platform No. 2 of the monorails, Pine Garden, and Outdoor Learning Center.

Breastfeeding Station & Children’s Lounge

Is there a breastfeeding station?

Yes, it is located next to the Eco Center. Please note that spaces are limited and may already be in use by other customers.

Resting Area

Are there drinking fountains in the arboretum?

There are no water purifiers or drinking fountains in the arboretum. However, there are beverage vending machines by the Plum Garden entrance, Observatory, Pine Garden, and Bonsai Garden exit.

Are there any places or facilities where I can sit and relax?

Benches and resting areas are located throughout Hwadam Botanic Garden.


How do I reserve a room at Konjiam Resort?

You can view package product information and reserve a room via the Konjiam Resort website or by calling the front desk. (Phone: 02-3777-2100)

What attractions are there at Konjiam Resort? How do I get to the ecological stream?

Please refer to the Konjiam Resort website as the events and attractions at Konjiam Resort are always subject to change. Note that the ecological stream is situated along a trail between the resort and a commercial zone and is only open to Konjiam Resort guests and members.

How long does it take to walk to Konjiam Resort from Hwadam Botanic Garden?

It takes an adult about 10 minutes on foot from the entrance of Hwadam Botanic Garden to the entrance of EW Village.

Are there any restaurants at Konjiam Resort that you would recommend? What types of food are available?

Korean food, Western food, buffet, pizza/pasta restaurants and others are available. For more information, please refer to the Konjiam Resort website.